Apple to pay Creative USD$100m

The biggest number being tossed around town in recent days is the $100m in USD that Apple Computer Inc. will pay for licence to use (and had used?) Creative Technology Ltd’s patented technology.

  1. Will this settlement encourage other fringe yet significant alleged “infringer” of the patent to play ball like Apple albeit for smaller sum?
  2. Singapore companies have been shown an example of how the act of registering an intellectual property promptly has been translated to real tangible benefits to the registrant.
  3. If Apple had NOT use the patent, would its iPods still be as successful? And Creative would have rule the MP3 world?
  4. I am really eager to know how much the next violator would pay?
  5. What is the formula used in arriving at this ball park figure of USD$100m?

What are the lessons for accountants?
– Remember to consider the benefits of IP.
– Do you know that you too have a role in safeguarding assets, tangible or intangible, purchased or internally generated?

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