Are you earning >$1million income last year?

If you did, you are one of the 1,738 who earned more than a million dollars last year out of a total 1.5 million tax payers. Then sincere congratulation to you is in order from the masses out there.

The bad news is that if you are earning exactly $1,000,001, I am sorry you do look quite bad in comparison to most of the other 1,737. Why? These 1,737 people earned about $3.5billion (minus a million from u) ie. averaging $2mio per person.

So you have to work harder!

All in all, Singapore should say thank you to 1,738 of you for paying about $500mio in income taxes (albeit only about 3% of total tax revenue).

From the sour grape here, please help me to join this real Million Dollar Club.


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