Can you give some pointers to the new students?

Dear students, past and present,

Need your help to contribute some advice to the new students coming in in next academic term.

Advice on the following:-
How to manage time between work, studies, family and bfs/gfs?
How many subjects should I take?
How should I study? Read textbook or not?
How to deal with lecturers to get them to help?

Given that you guys and gals have now got the experience of going through at least one exam, let me have your views.

No right or wrong view. It is your view. – So just type 🙂


  1. If you are working, 2 subjects are the max unless you are superhuman. Do the exercises given for each lesson, every single one of them – Reason: you rather understand each one of them now then to push it to revision time. Trust me you would have no time at all. Basic principle, play hard and study hard. That’s all folks.


  2. Revise on a weekly basis the day your lessons start. Before you start on your course, take some time to explain to your bf/gf or family that you’ll be needing much of your time for studying. Some leisure time will have to be sacrificed especially if you’re a working personnel who’s married.


  3. Actually its all about discipline, I take up ACCA too but I still accompany my girlfriend…I admit sometimes I do skip lessons..And as long the lecturer dun talk too much during the class on side track topics, everything is fine. And lecturer should be flexible to let us leave early, and not to mention we interrupt the class. Pls understand, not everyone live near the City campus or Aljunied campus. If you are working, maximum, take 2 modules only, else cannot cope. And if you want to get results, dun take too many modules, as you might end up only just getting a pass which I believed, it can be better if you take lesser and achieve better results. Lecturers should offer to give free extra lessons, give tips and more (self written) notes.


  4. Read the text/notes before coming to class. You don’t have to necessarily understand everything… but at least you have an idea of what the lecturer is going to teach for class. Once class is over, go thru the notes again the next day.Time management is very essential. For working peeps, yeah I would recommend taking max 2 subjects too.Attempt all exercises given. Good for you if you are able to go thru your answers in class. Otherwise, do it on your own and check with the answer scripts. Clarify doubts with lecturer or friends. It’s one thing to understand a theory, it’s another to be able to put it in application.


  5. Well, today was my first time to view Edgar website as wondering what I could find out about his web…So far….I’d read those comments that posted by CAT or ACCA student, noted with many thanks for the commets and I’m now taking a CAT , of cause wish I could go for ACCA as well as smoothly…Very envious for those has finished ACCA, hopefully I’m the one of them in future….As I’m a part timer and taking for 2 subjects at the moment, so felt really got no enough time for revision…Mon-Fri working and attend course at nite….then five days work become 6 days as have to knock off on the dot and couldn’t finish my works ,so got to go back on saturday to clear. Means…I only left Sunday – which is one day for me to doing revision…God Bless Me @_@About Edgar, quite like his teaching actually…especially he will repeat no matter is the questions or the points that he mentioned, as some lecturer teach very fast and sometimes we really catch no ball….and so far, Edgar explain those topic with cleared and easy to understand…Can see and felt…He is a Good Lecturer though…Well Done and Keep It Up!!Well…Better stop at here then….Bless All!!


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