Serene, I thank you too :)

Hi Edgar,

I was your student in your main & revision classes this year (ie. 2006) from Jan to May, I took my CBE exam for paper 1.1 last week and am pleased to tell you I’ve passed!!!

To me, this exam was a difficult one, though I only managed to score 76 marks but I believe I had done my best and am glad I’ve cleared the paper!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being an inspiring lecturer, though I was confused sometimes but over all I thoroughly enjoyed and am enriched from your lectures. Keep up the good work and may you enjoy more success in the coming Jul term!

Best wishes and God Bless You!!


28 June 2006

One Comment

  1. Hi EdgarWow…what a surprise!!Advice to the new students:Take paper-based exam if possible, it’s easier to pass and can score better. Computer-based’s questions are rather tricky, furthermore, it requires more hard work as almost every topic in the textbook will be examined!!


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