FRS 39 – etched in an apprentice’s memory forever

Hi friends,

I am reproducing, with permission, an email (albeit edited) from a friend.


Hi Edgar,

Share with you my day in the office today. I had been working on this assignment on FRS 39 – revaluation of fair value of term loans for a week already.

I submitted my completed audit schedule to the Accountant. With one glance and she said this to me, “The figures don’t make any sense. How can the bank be making huge losses and the company be logging huge gains by lending the money to the company?”.

She picked up a high-lighter and high-lighted almost every item in the schedule. I started laughing uncontrollably. Of course I am laughing at my stupidity.

Of course, I understand perfectly the remarks, “The figures don’t make sense.” because in auditing, somehow we are trained to have feelings for numbers.

FYI – The Accountant had been explaining FRS 39 to me for ONE WEEK already.

As she stared straight into my eyes, I felt her asking me telepathically, “Can or can you not handle it?”.
My subconcious mind responded, “And what makes you think I can handle it?” But for my pride and dignity, I kept silence. Yet I was very apologetic that I was not able to perform and deliver on my work.

FRS 39 should be included in paper 1.1, so that I don’t have to look stupid. But I did learn a thing or two from this assignment. FRS 39 is actually a schedule to calculate the IRR in order to get the effective interest rate and compare against the book value as per the general ledger.

Am I right, Edgar?
============== The End ==================
P/S Jane Doe :), thanks again for letting me share a page from your auditing life with your fellow students.

One Comment

  1. Hi Jane Doe,First thing first – Cheer up!FRS39 is an piece of legislation that may quite difficult to tame.Yes it is an attempt at valuation. But it would be oversimplifying to conclude FRS39 as a matter of computing IRR as its effective interest rate.I am sure you don’t wish to demoralise students so early in their path of ACCA hood by including it in Paper 1.1!!Good morning 🙂


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