Tan K.T says …

Hi Edgar and Mr Goh,

Thanks for all your guidance in my paper 1.1.

I am quite delighted with the result i have achieved for your paper 1.1
I have obtain a score of 78 marks for this paper 1.1. Although it is still a bit below my target score (80 marks), at least i pass the paper.

Finally can relax now and can enjoy my Chinese New Year before going all out for the other papers (especially Paper 2.3 under Mr Goh) Hahaha. =)

And by the way, Mr Goh, please forgive me of all those broken english (or maybe not even english language) i have use in this email. Just treat like what you always mention in the sunday class, listening to the uncle’s conversation at the coffeeshop.

By the way, i like to wish you a happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous new year ahead.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Once again thanks for all the effort you have made in order for me to pass this paper.


Tan K. T.

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