Oxford Brookes Degree

P/S – A sad memory.


Oxford Brookes has revised its degree programme to incorporate ACCA syllabus changes. Here are the snippets that I wish to share with you.

The revised scheme will apply from Aug 2008.

While you still have to complete F1 to F9, but only marks for F4 to F9 will count towards which qualification you will get ie. first class honours, second upper etc. Why? F1, F2 and F3 have been light-weighted to 2 hours of MCQs.

The quality of Research and Analysis Project (RAP) will also go towards qualification. It can ONLY upgrade you from one class to another. To illustrate, if your average mark for F4 to F9 qualifies you for second upper and you did such a wonderful RAP, Oxford Brookes may “bump” you up to first class honours.

By the way, I was told that you would have to submit a RAP of 6,500 words from Aug 2008 (currently 5,000 words). This is to partially compensate for the lower loads of F1 – F3.

For more detailed info, you know where to go right?


  1. Hi Stranger,I have added the link to the official ACCA Oxford Brookes website for your reading pleasure as requested by you.You are still awake at 2.51am? Cheers 🙂


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