Mr Kaka Singh – ACCA Members Forum

Hi friends,

Wish to share the highlights of today’s forum at M Hotel with Mr Kaka Singh, the immediate past President of ACCA Local council in Singapore.

He said once there were too many doctors and lawyers, now we are short of them. Then there were many people producing only on 2 children, now we are short of people in Singapore. He was responding to a question from a member who expressed his concern that ACCA as a desired qualification may be eroded given the high membership level of about 5,000 ACCA members and 3,000 affiliates.

Mr Singh noted a uniqueness of ACCA programme when he related this story. He attended the graduation for ACCA students and met a doctor who went through and graduated. Mr Singh asked why he needed to go through the programme. The doctor said the ACCA programme allowed him to gain competence in dealing with numbers in his job as an administrator of a hospital.

  • The ACCA programme is the only avenue in Singapore that provides working adults and mid career individuals the opportunity to secure an a recognised financial training qualification part time.

CPD programmes under ACCA Singapore are priced on a cost recovery basis.

Mr Kaka’s final words today – “How good you are will depend on how prepare you are.”

P/S – Mr Kaka Singh is standing as a candidate for election to ACCA council in UK. Please give our support to him to ensure Singapore’s voice in international forum.


  1. He said that in the context that no one owes you a living. We have to compete for what we want. If what we want is not here yet, we have to prepare ourselves to receive what we are waiting for in the meantime.


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