Accountancy cannot be a mess.

In fact, “Accountancy, at its heart, is all about neatness. It is about of symmetry. It is about double-entry. It is about balancing things out. It breeds a feeling of control. The figures neatly agree. All is well with the world. Job done.”

This is the first paragraph from the article entitled “stay focused” by Mr Robert Bruce. It really wowed me with its simplicity and yet so encapsulating.

As accountants, are we always looking to put various transactions in different “boxes” quickly and efficiently, so that we can pass entries, balance our books and go home?

Mr Bruce also took a swipe at the auditors when he said, “Diligent auditors follow screen-by-screen, ticking all boxes, and then fold up the laptops and go home.”

He said the neatness give all of us a feeling that the job is done. But in fact it may not be and we could end up being at home for months after being fired for not doing our job. So Mr Bruce advised that we should tossed everything up in the air and watched how they come down to earth ie. undo the neatness!

Cheers to you, Mr Bruce. Interesting stuff.

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