ACCA Qualification #1

Dear friends,

There are a few requests for me to give some attention to the new ACCA programme. So this is the first of my series.

What is the name of new programme?
Answer – Boringly and amazingly obviously called – “ACCA Qualification“.
The programme was officially unveiled in Jan 2006 for implementation for Dec 2007 exams. That effectively crystallised the effort started back in Nov 2004.

Still the same number of 14 subjects but with significant change in the content of the respective subjects. It will change so much that you will NOT be able to correspond 1 from the old programme with another from the new programme. Example – Paper 2.1.

There is also the online Professional ethics module for new intake students to complete. I was briefed that they will actually track the time you spend on going through the module. Not compulsory for existing students. But you are encourage to do it.


  1. I think and also one more point to note is that we need not attempt the papers in order anymore. :)i.e F1 to F3 can be in any order and subject to clearance of these three, F4 to F9 can be taken in any order as well.


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