Practical Experience Requirement (PER)

What is the current process called Student Training Record (STR)?
Answer – It is where you are required to match your practical experience AGAINST a set of competencies and record them accordingly.

What is the new PER?
Answer – You have to demonstrate that you have met a range of workplace performance objectives ie. benchmarks of effective performance.

What are these performance objectives?
Answer – 9 key and 4 optional performance objectives.

How to complete a performance objective?
Answer – You are to respond to a set of “challenge questions” for each objective online or paper-based.

When to complete the return?
Answer – Annually ie. last quarter of each year.

Who can be my workplace mentor?
Answer – It could be your line manager, mentor or another individual. If possible, select a qualified accountant, so as to avoid being priority flagged for monitoring purposes.

What is the purpose of having a workplace mentor?
Answer –
– select performance objective to work on
– setting targets
– provide access for you to tap on mentor’s experience for your overall development
– evaluate and review your progress

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