ACCA Paper 1.1 Exam ended a few hours ago.

Is that you? Hope not.

Hi friends,

How was the paper? The following are comments I got from some of you.

Section B consists of questions on the following topics:-

  • incomplete records with sole proprietorship
  • control account and reconciliation with listing total
  • consolidation
  • ratio theory on liquidity ratios
  • FRS 38 on research and development and amortisation

“I finished my MCQs in half an hour.”

“I didn’t hear anybody complaining about the paper on the way out (of exam hall).”

“I did not have time to do 2 questions. Total 19 marks.”

“.. is this paper a bit difficult from the rest? As some never learn before…”

“ok lor”

“… inventory overstated. I minus off from the retained earnings n asset. Is it correct?”

So for the rest of you, what do you think of the paper?

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