HKEx has pushed its limit again

With effect from 25 Jun 2007, Electronic Disclosure Project (EDP), the new regime for electronic dissemination of regulatory information will be launched.

EDP would consist of the following items:-

  • mandatory paid announcements will no longer be required [notification in the newspapers will be eventually phased out – less advertising revenue for newspaper companies but lower cost of compliance for listed companies / good for the environment]
  • companies must eventually maintained their own website
My concerns
I don’t think HKEx and the respective listed companies are expecting the respective shareholders to prowl through a dozen of websites for any announcement that might impact them every day.

Eventually I would forsee the delivery of announcements and financial results by email to shareholders.

Then how about uncles and aunties who don’t email addresses? They will learn when making money is involved.

Environmentally, this is definitely a good move.

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