What are the qualifications needed to be a good Public Accountant?

flowers for me. thanks irene.

Can help me to answer the above question by classifying the existing 5 requirements (described below) either as

  • “Essential”,
  • “Good to have” or
  • “Thoroughly irrelevant”.

The current 5 requirements for registration as a Public Accountant:-

  1. Academic qualifications;
  2. Practical experience;
  3. Continuing professional education;
  4. Completing the course on ethics and professional practice subjects as determined by the Public Accountants Oversight Committee; and
  5. Membership with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore.

Your view, please?

One Comment

  1. Hi,You’ve got BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!My views:1)Essential2)Good to have – as experience can be built up over time3)Good to have4)Essential – must know what is unethical practice in order not to do it and be ethical. A good CPA must be deeply grind in his head with this stand.5)Essential


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