Are SFRSs very different from IFRS?

How does Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) fare in terms of our assessment as being IFRS-equivalent?

One opinion said that SFRS are almost in complete sync with IFRS and are applicable to all entities. How come? Singapore generally adopts new or amended IFRS within a three-month period but there are some exceptions.

  • FRS 40 Investment Property

IAS 40 was issued in year 2000 and effective for financial periods commencing Jan 1, 2001 while FRS 40 was issued in 2005 and effective for financial periods commencing Jan 1, 2007. By now, there are no timing differences between IFRS and SFRS.

Any difference between FRSs? Yes, the difference is in these areas:-

  • Differing finance lease requirements
  • One-off revaluation exemption from periodic revaluation for property, plant and equipment.

Anyway Accounting Standards Board (who will replace the Council on Corporate Disclosure and Governance with effect from Sept 1, 2007) is to present to Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) that the SFRS is equivalent to IFRS. Probably to get some sort of compliant certification from the Euro body.

Source – “Bridging the gap between accounting standards”, Aug 23, 2007, BT, Choo Eng Beng and Chew Tong Gunn

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