Positive impact of fair value gain for Ipco

On Dec 15, 2007, BT reported that fair-value gain boosted Ipco International’s 6-month profit by more than 100% (ie. from $2.1mio ti $5,4mio on a revenue of $24.4mio) despite a 31.5% fall in first 6-month sales.

What is Ipco’s business?
Ipco is essentially a developer and investor in oil and gas, water and environment infrastructure projects.

ESA Electronic, its subsidiary in the semiconductor equipment distribution business, responsible for 31.5 per cent fall in group’s sales of goods to $11.9 million from $17.4 million.

This was offset by a rise in other revenue from $2.4 million to $8.2 million, which included $7.5 million in ‘fair-value gain’ on financial assets.
So without the fair-value gain, the Group’s total revenue would be $16.9mio instead of the currently reported $24.4mio (a 16% drop instead).

So while Labroy and SembMarine have been negatively affected by financial assets valuation, we have a company here that has been glossed with positivities instead.

P/S – Fair-value gain of $7.5mio is accounted as “Other revenue”. Hmmm…

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