Changes to ACCA OBU Degree

The following changes will be effective immediately for ACCA students who registered after 1 January 2007 and who will sit the new ACCA Fundamentals level papers in December 2007.

* RAP – research and analysis project

  1. Project mentor is still required.
  2. RAP will be graded A, B or C.
  3. RAP word limit is increased to 6,500 words.
  4. Overall class of degree will be determined by the average marks of F4 – F9 module papers and the RAP grading.
  5. You have to submit the RAP and a Skills and Learning Statement. And you must pass both papers.
  6. If you failed the first submission of RAP, you can only get “C” at best, for getting a pass on resubmission.
  7. You are given 3 chances to secure a pass for RAP. After 3 “strikes”, you are out!

The process to be a “graduate” has become more vigorous. You need to plan your time and effort as part of your ACCA education strategy. For more information, you may click

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