What is "verifiable CPD"?

What is the Rule?
A member has to fulfill 40 relevant units of CPD each year, where one unit is equal to one hour of development. 21 units must be verifiable. The other 19 can be non-verifiable.

Verifiable CPD, to many, is the act of getting a certificate ie. a black and white to confirm that you have attended a learning event.

But is it all that is? The simple answer is no.

There are 3 other critical criteria to be fulfilled before a verified event can be counted towards the Rule. What are they?

  • The relevant activity must be relevant to your role/s.
  • You need to tell ACCA how you can apply the learning.
  • You need to show some things that learning has taken place. (This last is tough ya?)

Is there any other ways, beside collecting the certificates, of evidencing that you have attended a learning event/activity?

  • Can you show the report/review/proposals arising from that event?
  • Did you get a copy of the handouts/powerpoint slides?
  • A copy of the invoice or evidence of payment made to attend the event?
  • Did you keep the email confirmation of your attendance?
  • Or like Edgar, writing about these events on the blog after attending them?

P/S – This is note to remind Edgar and for those who have completed your studies and qualified for the ACCA qualification.

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