ACCA’s Certificate of Achievement for F1, F2 and F3

Under the new scheme,

There will be no more paper winners for F1 to F3. Instead a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to students who have scored 85% and above in these papers. This is regardless of whether they took the paper-based or CBE exams.

MSER students will only be eligible for prizes from F4 to F9 and P1 to P7 when they transfer to the Professional Scheme.

P/S – So for those who have scored higher than 85%, please look out for your “Certificate of Achievement”. Cheers.



  1. I got 85% pass mark for my F1.Do I get the Cert of Achievement?ORdo I need to attain 85% or above pass grade for all the F1, F2 and F3 papers to attain the Cert of Achievement?Please let me know if you could share with me the above info?thanks in advance


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