Exam Results by Email

Lynn has forwarded to me an email message from ACCA reminding students to sign up for results by email.

I would strongly advise so for a hassel free experience as compare to waiting for it by mail days after others have got theirs or you waiting to access the results online on those busy days.

You can sign up by Aug 15, 2008 at myACCA.

ACCA said you should expect the results to be emailed out by Aug 18, 2008.

One Comment

  1. One of my lecturer advised us not to take computer based exam, as he said risk of fail is higher than paper based,another lecturer (diff paper) advised us to take computer based exam, result out immediately, and also because one of his student got “zero mark” on paper based exam….amazing zero mark….confused :(I took paper based anyway, and looking forward to receive my result via email in coming Aug.


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