Words and figures differ

What if Edgar drew a cheque like this where the words and figures are different…

“Amount – Five Thousands Dollars Only $500/-“

In the Forum page of ST a couple of days, DBS Bank apologised to the account holder for wrongly clearing a cheque where the words and figures differ. DBS said they should not have cleared the cheque.

I wish to question whether DBS’s position of not clearing such a cheque is legally correct.

In the Banking Law class that I attended many years ago, I was told that the Bank should honour the cheque based on the “words” stated.

Has the law changed since the years after my Banking Law class? Or have I heard wrongly? If you are not from Singapore, can share with me your country’s practice?


  1. In my country (Indo)it is not allowed to clear cheque when figures and words are differred.somemore now a day firms are using electronic cheque printer which wordings are not displayed, only figures, how the banking law (honour the cheque based on “words” stated) can apply?DBS’s teller was careless.


  2. yah,u’re right.now a day we’re use the electronic chq printer.did somebody got experience tat recei’d a chq which write by ‘old’ uncle/auntie who is using the mandarin word in traditional font???(p/s:is the bank still recognize tis font?)it’s happen to me while i’m worked in ex-company.


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