Are you a bankrupt?

If you are, I am sorry you are disqualified from being appointed as the Group CFO of a public listed company.

In yesterday BT’s, it was reported that Innovalues nearly appointed a bankrupt as their Group CFO. The process was only halted after someone anonymously sent a copy of an “individual insolvency search result” to a director of Innovalues.

Apparently the poor chap has verbally informed the interviewer of his status BUT somehow, nobody (including the chap himself/herself) cared to put that information on paper.

Consequent to that embarassing revelation, Innovalues has, of course, promised to do better on their recruitment procedures.

And by the way, the position is still open.

One Comment

  1. A bit shocking to find out for such an important position, the firm did not run a through “screening” of the candidate background.a good lesson indeed! for other firms as well.but why a bankrupt can’t be a CFO anyway?


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