Company Stamp? Do we need it?

Recently my company went into a tangle with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) over the requirement to place the company stamp on a work permit form.

I told the MOM officer that my company does not use any company stamp. The officer then requested my company to issue a letter on my company letterhead saying my company does not use company stamp.

I seek an explanation for the need of such a piece of paper with the company letterhead generated by MS Word. What is the legal importance of that piece of paper?

I seek feedback from MOM and EnterpriseOne on whether there is a legal requirement for companies to use company stamp. MOM’s email response that I seek is still pending after more 3 business days as per their explicitly stated service standard. EnterpriseOne responded the very same day. Fantastic service! EnterpriseOne simply state that company stamp is not a legal requirement.

If that is the case, why are some banks and government bodies insist on use of company stamp?

Don’t ask for things if they are not necessary in the first place. It is time to stop creating unnecessary work.

Anyone with legal knowledge, please correct me if I have mistaken. Cheers.

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