Women in Accounting & Finance Survey 2009

On Thursday last, I was invited to attend, in my humble capacity as a Local ACCA Executive Council member, the presentation of the survey results of women in accounting and finance roles. The survey was commissioned jointly by ACCA and Robert Half Singapore.

Based on the responses of 721 women, the following are some key findings:-

1. Are women ambitious? Yes, particularly for the younger women but the more matured ones are more likely to stay with their current employers.

2. 64% of respondents said they did not attend any leadership course at all in 2008.

3. What women see themselves doing better than men? The respondents highlighted 3 areas – attention to details, dealing with people issues, communication skills.

4. Women’s top three desired work benefits:- flexi hours, better maternity benefits and thirdly, more annual leaves. 53% said they are willing to take pay cut for more flexi hours.

5. What are the priority areas for women?
Work/life balance came out as top priority for 59%. Surprisingly for me, the younger women are the ones that value this more than the matured counterpart.

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