Top chefs in hot soup?

Some top hotels in Singapore are now without their respective chefs in their Chinese restaurants. They have been summoned to Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) to “assist” in investigation of accepting bribes from a seafood provider.

What is the modus operandi?
Top chefs are king of their mountain ie. kitchen, in the hotels. They dictate what to buy and from who in the name of ensuring quality for their top Chinese restaurants. Suppliers have to show their appreciation for a more than amicable business relationship by showering them with “love” and “attention” in the form of gifts and money.

How did CPIB got a sniff of these violations?
CPIB was notified by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). IRAS is investigating a seafood supplier on tax evasion. IRAS found some computer files with payout information in computers seized from the seafood supplier.

So the next time when you are eating sharkfins, fish maw, scallops in these expensive restaurants, you are not sure whether they are really “clean” or not.

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