GST Advance Ruling System (GST ARS)

What is that?
When you seek guidance from Comptroller of Goods and Services Tax (“CGST”) in writing, CGST’s reply in writing becomes an authority you can rely upon ie. legally binding.

The actual definition:-
An advance ruling is a written interpretation the CGST gives to a specific person, stating how specific provisions of the GST Act will apply for a particular business arrangement or a specific transaction.

You would not ask ARS to be applied on daily-bread-and-butter issues where they are sufficiently covered/explained under existing terms.

You would use ARS for complex business arrangement or a transaction that is never or not commonly done in Singapore before.

So what had CGST been doing in the past?
Just provide guidance that are not legally binding to entrepreneurs seeking affirmation that they are not breaking any laws or impact their bottomline estimation.

What is this applicable?
The new section 90A, together with a new Fifth Schedule, will be enacted and effective from 1 July 2007.

Any fees payable?
Of course, this is Singapore, you know. Albeit on a cost recovery basis.
From a fixed application fee, to possible hourly rate, any disbursements, fees payable for expertise needed but not available in IRAS etc etc.

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