Practical Experience Requirement (PER) Part 2

Only existing students / affiliates who had registered for ACCA Qualification before Jan 2007 need to read this posting.

For existing students, you are required to convert to the NEW Practical Experience Requirements (PER) by 31 Dec 2007.

To assist you, an online conversion tool is available.

You can use this tool to convert and record existing experience to the new PER.

You can then use the TDM to log the performance objectives TO BE achieved as part of the new PER.

For affiliates applying for membership, ACCA will continue to accept applications based on current STRs until 30 Jun 2008.

Always remember
Get your Student Training Record (STR under old scheme) or PER sign off by your supervisor every year and/or BEFORE you resign!

One Comment

  1. I applied as SAA student before Jan 2007. BUT i’m not working in an accounting field as i’m not studying business related course during poly days. Hence does this apply to me?Do i need to change to a accounting related job before Dec 2007?


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