A student of mine has joined AGO

Recently I received an email from a student with this type of address ie. @ago.gov.sg.

Curious, I ask him as to which branch of government is she working for now.

Auditor-General Office,” she said. [I thought it was the Attorney General Office. :)]

She is helping AGO to fufill its role to audit all ministries, statutory boards, embassies, and Temasek owned complanies for President. [Wow!]

That conversation brought my attention to the recent article in BT dated Jul 20, 2007 entitled, “Govt audit reveals financial lapses”.

Examples of financial lapses revealed by Auditor-General are:-

  • The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) could have better managed over $200 million in cash reserves for higher returns. [..from zero return?]
  • National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) had accumulated unused grants of $4.9 million in March 2006. [So again money is sitting idly around.]
  • Ministry of Health (MOH) was found to have continued its payments for some 106 deceased persons through a scheme was administered by an agent. It has recovered some $55,850 of the $178,150 that was paid. [Phew! Amount not big.]

My Words

  • Thank goodness we have a Government who is willing to be transparent about their own boo-boos.
  • Thank goodness we have a good problem of dealing with money sitting around to the tune of millions of dollars. It shows that we have some hidden reserves ie. like housewives putting away money.
  • Thank goodness we did NOT find massive frauds.
  • It is good that we have taken stock of the problems. We will remedy them and move on.

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