Why do you rob banks?

a party in KL worth the memory

A reporter once asked famous bank robber, Willie Sutton: “Why do you rob banks?”
Willie simply replied: “Because that’s where the money is!”

I am sure you will get the same answer if you manage to ask those robbers of banks and ATMs in Malaysia.

In the current new term of my classes, I asked the students the reason as to why did they decide to take up ACCA course.

A student duly responded that it is because ACCA is a qualification regularly asked for in the job advertisements she has reviewed.

So for those who have decided to start and complete your ACCA course, it is a good decision … Good day.


  1. Hi,Lynn highlighted an article from MyPaper entitled “Why Accoutants leave profession despite their five-figure salaries?” dated June 10, 2008 recently.Public accounting firms seek to fill 1,000 auditing vacancies over the next 12 months.Janet Tan, the executive director of ICPAS, said 250 of its members are working in China alone from the 1,000 who are based overseas.


  2. hello, I’m currently doing my ACCA studies.. and i come across to this assignment which requires me to explain the problems/challenges faced by taxpayers and IRB autorities after the introduction of Advance Rulings..can you help me on this please? I have no ideas..Thank you so much.**anyway this is my first time viewing your blog and I find it very useful!!!


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