Petition to Protect "Accountant" in Singapore

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I had a meeting with a prospective client recently who complained about their existing “accountant”. The “accountant” has apparently allowed toner for office printer to be capitalised and depreciated over time. The client was flabbergasted that an accountant can make such mistake.

While I am not sure of the person’s credentials, I ended up trying to explain to the client that almost everyone in Singapore can call themselves an accountant without breaking any law.

Recently in UK, Mr Alan Shooter submitted a petition with 4,000 signatures to the Prime Minister to seek protection for the designation “accountant”.

There must be some regulation in this area to ensure that the integrity and professionalism of those who have dedicated years of their life in securing formal accounting training, are not eroded away by irresponsible individuals.

If you are serious about your profession, please say “Yes” when you post your message here.


  1. Hi Edgar,Based on professional scepticism, the accountant could be manipulating profits. What a clever mistake. HahahaGood day!


  2. Hi all,Just for your information, even certified “Accountant” are not as professional as they seem to be, hence we should not just place the importance on the qualification but more importantly, their attitude. Do take note, under the UPC Case, the defendents are all qualified and professional accountant/auditor, yet they still make those “INNOCENT” mistake. My take in this issue is first to correct the attitude of the people who are or sincerely want to be in this profession. If we cannot heal the mental level, it will be very hard to uplift/maintain the quality of accountant, less to say, “we want to EDUCATE them “. “WHO ARE THEM? Holding onto a worthless paper is nothing if your attitude after the education level is terrible. Do take note, “IT IS YOUR PERFORMACE/ATTITUDE AFTER OBTAINING THAT WORTHLESS PAPER THAT COUNT”, ANY JERK with 140 IQ could easily obtain that ACCA qualification, and i believe, you can easily predict the outcome of this jerk……. (Nothing personal, but hope that people who read this comment, will not fall into the same mistake as i did before)Regards,Alex Tong(Incompetent Accountant-to-be – in 2 years time)~ I thought i know everything, it is only now then that i know that i know nothing. ~


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